Model K
40 Feet High Cube container capacity 45 dollies with 26 Model-K Chairs per dolly for a total of 1170 chairs 20 Feet container capacity 21 dollies with 20 Model-K chairs per dolly for a total of 420 chairs
SERIES achieves this objective for multi-purpose areas with the SERIES© Model-K Chair, the industry's first stackable theater seat... a chair that increases seat capacity by up to 20% over conventional stack chairs, and stores in less than 1/2 the space... another design creation reflecting our commitment to the principle of SpaceStewardship.


  • signage
    • Removable magnetic seat number plates
    • Signage plates surface mounted
    • Removable magnetic aisle row identification letter plates
    • Cup holder: Steel removable rear mounted
    • Communion Cup Holder: Rear mounted
    • Book holder: Steel removable rear mounted
    • Latch to block the seat from lifting
    • Latch to maintain alignment of straight rows
    • Nesting dolly capable of stacking up to 22 chairs


  • Chair Widths
    • 20" (508mm) or 21" (534mm)
    • Back Height: 30 5/8" (778)
    • Fully upholstered snap-in cover or Matex snap-in cover on outer back
    • Fully upholstered zippered cover or Matex zippered seat bottom
    • Chair available in three versions armless single arm or double arm. Armrests are made from wood or integral skin polyurethane.
    • Aisle end panel open end K Custom panel design available.
    • Sled base or four legs support.
    • Integrated connecting system for straight or radius rows configurations.