Every seat that SERIES Seating manufactures features breathable fabrics with time tested durability. Our upholstery paired with our seating base foam provides superior comfort that will last for years to come.

Most of our seating systems feature zippered covers that are easy to replace. With the help of our easy to follow instructional videos, most seat covers can be quickly replaced in less than 2 minutes for those who want to replace the seat covers themselves. We do provide a cover replacement service for those who would prefer our experts to handle this for them.

Speciality Fabrics

Several of our specific use fabrics have been technically designed by our expert engineers to withstand specific

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temperatures without degrading. Other specialty fabrics are engineered not-to-melt when a direct flame is applied. These are a few examples of our patented fabrics that are available upon request. If you have a special need in regard to fabric type, please let us know. Our team of engineers can help.